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Installing the Ring.com system

Ring Security Cameras, Alarm and Lighting

Omaha Communications proudly designs and implements Alarm Systems, Security Lighting and Security Cameras from the Ring Security System. Ring is dedicated to creating safer homes, businesses and neighbourhoods. 虽然Ring的主要任务是安全和保障,但它也可以做很多事情,让用户的生活更方便.

Ring was originally conceived to “make the 21st century doorbell”. But, it is more than that. It is like “caller ID” for your door. The Ring doorbell lets you screen who is at your door, and decide if you do, or do not, want to talk to them. It’s kind of like “caller ID” for your door!

How Ring.com works

Nowadays Ring is about a lot more than doorbells. Ring provides video doorbells, video cameras, smart security lighting and alarm system. Ring还将您的视频存储在云中,并提供调度服务,在紧急情况下通知急救人员(警察和/或火灾).

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Security cameras
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Security Cameras and Video Doorbells

Ring has a complete line of video cameras for securing your home. Ring Cameras include features like night/day vision, HD video storage, two-way communication, integrated internal and external lighting and sirens. They have cameras specialized for outdoors, and cameras specialized for indoors, and some that do both.

Some work off wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and others are wired, and some are both. Some cameras work off of Power Over Ethernet (POE). Some are powered by solar. Some use USB power. Others are powered by regular AC voltage and some rely on removable power packs.

Yes, it's complicated!

Using the Ring Security System is easy. But, 设计和实施一个设计良好、可靠的安全系统仍然需要经验和专业知识. 选择正确的安全摄像头或警报传感器是进行正确安装的重要因素. And without experience this can be hard – take our word for it!

The experts from Omaha Communications Security team can help! 我们将仔细检查您的选择,帮助您做出正确的决定,并帮助您为您的安装设计最有效的安全系统. We can also help you decide the best location to place and aim your cameras.


Ring Alarm Systems

Ring Alarm takes security to the next level. It doesn’t just monitor your premise with video. It actively detects emergent events at your property like fire or intrusion. 如果检测到火灾或入侵,Ring可以通过蜂窝网络自动通知第一反应者(警察和消防)(不需要电话线通知第一反应者). The requires optional Professional Monitoring.

警报器还可以检测你家的有害物质,比如家里结冰或洪水. 对家里或公司的冰冻或洪水做出迅速反应,可以为你节省数千美元的与模具或冰冻管道相关的成本. In these cases, you will be notified within your application – but first responders will not be notified.


Ring Lighting

Ring also provides a complete line of security lighting. The lights can be completely controlled and monitored from anywhere within the Ring App. 您可以使用环照明模块或购买环控制器,它将控制标准的低压照明系统,使您能够在应用程序中控制当前的灯.


Professional installation saves your money

Unlimited cameras
at one location

$10/ MONTH

or $100 / YEAR

The alarm and as many cameras as you want

专业的报警监控和视频存储的无限摄像机在一个位置都包括 $10/month or $100/year! That is BOTH the alarm and as many cameras as you want!

相比之下,典型的专业监控的安全摄像头和警报与蜂窝备份, you will save about $50/month! And if storage in the cloud for your security cameras typically would cost another $50/month. 您可以轻松节省超过1000美元,每年您的报警系统的专业监控和安全视频.



You do not have to replace your existing security cameras and alarms to install a Ring Alarm. The Ring Alarm can act independent of cameras. However, you may want to upgrade to Ring Cameras for the features. 如果你有硬连线相机,你很可能可以使用你现有的硬连线相机基础设施. 这样做的好处是,你可以将你的录音托管在云上,并访问不断改进的Ring界面和功能集. 如果你已经能够在线访问你的视频,那么你可能已经在花钱在互联网上“托管”你的视频了. 由于专业戒指监控的费用包括60天的无限托管视频存储和在你的iPhone或Android设备上的远程访问-从长远来看,你可以通过升级你的相机到戒指来省钱.

Does Omaha Communications offer support plans for Ring Alarms and cameras?

世界杯官方app下载公司提供的服务计划包括对你的系统进行年度评估,以及建议更换电池. 技术电话世界杯官方app是免费的,只要您维护您的专业戒指监测费用仅为100美元/年或10美元/月. InPath can provide support plans where we provide either first level or second level support. 二级世界杯官方app意味着我们帮助您升级困难的世界杯官方app电话后,您努力解决他们与戒指世界杯官方app自己.


Professional installation and design are not required. Ring is designed for possible DIY installation. But, 我们建议使用我们经验丰富的专业安装人员和设计师之一,以充分利用您的系统.

Will Ring store my videos in the cloud?

Your videos from any door bell rings, motion alerts or “live views” will be recorded and saved for 60 days. Your Ring videos are stored in the cloud for up to 60 days (in the USA). To keep important videos beyond 60 days, download them to your PC or mobile device. 如果你想要存储超过60天的视频,你可以很容易地下载到你的电脑上.

How much does it cost to install Ring a ring doorbell?

  • The standard charge installing a Ring Device (like a doorbell) is $74.95.
  • Installation for a doorbell includes:
    • Unwire and remove your existing doorbell
    • Mount, drill and wire your Ring Video Doorbell Pro
    • Ring app and Neighborhood app configuration
  • Exceptions (additional charges may apply):
    • Installations on metal, marble, or glass surfaces not included or may be extra
    • 硬连线以太网安装(Ring Video Doorbell Elite)需要一个有源以太网端口,在安装点带有POE
    • WiFi assessment and recommendation to optimize video performance
    • Note: You will need a working wired doorbell, with a doorbell transformer that reliably supplies 16V to 24 Volts. For best results, ensure a strong WiFi signal at location of installation.

What about “Freeze” or “Water/Flooding” detection?

这款戒指确实提供了一种设备,当你不在时,它可以监测你的家庭或公司,如果它经历了低温(冰点)或洪水. If these are activated you will be notified on your app so you can react. This will not trigger notification to police or fire.

Do I need a phone line for the alarm to notify the authorities in the event of an emergency?

A phone line is not required. Ring sends out notifications through your internet connection. 如果识别失败,它会通过Ring系统自带的内置蜂窝调制解调器发送我们的通知.

Will the alarm notify the police or fire department in the event of a burglary or fire?

The alarm will notify the police or fire department if you subscribe to the Ring Protect Plus. The cost of Ring Protect Plus is $10 month or $100/year. 与戒指保护加您得到戒指报警专业监控和60天无限存储您的戒指视频录制设备. 如果你从一开始就购买Ring Protect Plus服务,你也可以在你的Ring设备上获得硬件保修.

How does the Ring Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors work?

There are two ways to monitor smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detection. One is to use a Z-wave compatible detector. But, Ring also offers another very innovative solution. 您可以将现有标准的烟雾探测器与Ring“监听装置”结合使用。. 当监听设备检测到警报触发的声音时,它会通知消防部门(以及你的应用程序). 你可能有很多理由想要自由选择自己的烟雾探测器. People have preferred brands. Some have preferred feature (such as spoken commands like “Fire” or “Battery is low”. And some houses are pre-wired with “hard-wired” Smoke and/or Carbon Monoxide detectors. 这种监听设备的电池寿命也长达三年,比大多数烟雾探测器都要长.

Does the fee for the Ring Protect Plus go to Omaha Communications?

No, the Ring Protect Plus fee goes directly to Ring.com.

What does it cost to install other devices?

  • 安装其他设备的成本取决于配置的细节,以及设备是否通过硬连线以太网连接, WiFi, Zwave or USB. 为您的家庭或小型企业安装的免费估计,请在免费地点评估打电话给我们
  • 3rd party Ring zwave “Dome” Siren. http://shop.ring.com/collections/security-system/products/dome-siren
  • 3rd party (not certified) zwave strobe:

Can I control my existing outdoor low voltage lighting with the Ring App

Yes, 你可以使用“Ring智能照明变压器”来控制你自己的低压照明,查看以下页面获取更多信息: http://shop.ring.com/products/smart-lighting-transformer http://shop.ring.com/products/smart-lighting-transformer-bridge


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